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Hi ♡ Please call me Julie Teo. I'm born on 20/7/1996 in the year of the rat. I ♡ Kiseop from U-KISS. If you are wondering why my blog URL is Juliette instead of Julie, it's because I wanted to make it un-cliche. Please leave tag and you can find me here: ♡

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Ivy Mei
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Skin by Little Miss ♡ Suhaila Roslan
Ivy's Place.
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 | 10:37 PM | 0 gossip
HI! :)
I went to Ivy's Place yesterday and I obviously had fun :)
Ivy bought a pet Rabbit. It's a MALE :p And his name is Tommy :)
He's cute and naughty. like really.
anyways, Ivy and I had fun watching U-Kiss on Youtube and also dance around imitating U-Kiss's moves :p
We also planned to watch Breaking Dawn on either Thursday,Friday or Saturday and might probably sleepover at her place for a few days. We are inseparable :p Really. Even our Moms said so.
Lets see, I sorta plan out what to do at The Mall :) our style :p
1. Eat Lunch
2. Buy Movie Tickets
3. Walk around and buy food and drinks for the movie
4. Watch the Movie
5. Eat at Pastamania after the movie
6. Go to Jaya Hypermart
7. Go to a Dvd shop to get some Korean Dvds :p
8. Go to a $1.80 shop to get fake lashes probably
9. Go to a Shop that sells Kpop Stuffs :) (a must)
10. Drink at a random booth or even eat ice-cream
11. Go to the groceries section to get Junk food
12. Go home :p
You know girls, they love to shop for clothes,shoes and etc. but we're different, we shop for food and useless things :p
We shop for food so we don't have to go down in the middle of the night like rats :p
we're usually broke after 2 hours because we tend to buy things we don't need. ( happens all the time )
So Yeah :) ending this post with a/an U-Kiss Picture :)

Chocolate :3
Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 4:19 AM | 0 gossip
Im bored. So i'm going to talk a lil about my chocolate :p
It's called BOOST :)
Its Smooth Textured Chocolate Flavoured Centre with Crunchy Biscuit Pieces Surrounded in Caramel, All Covered in Cadbury ® Dairy Milk™ Milk chocolate :3

Disgusting Person.
| 3:03 AM | 0 gossip
Hello :) i just arrived home from the supermarket :)
Anyways, there was this SCARY Guy who kept staring at me. He scare the shit out of me -.-
He should stare at someone else,not me -.-
Anyways, I bought CHOCOLATES :3
Okay imma eat dinner, toodles lavs <3

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey WMM-305 Review
Friday, December 2, 2011 | 10:43 PM | 0 gossip
Hello :D I'm going to write a review about Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey WMM-305. Its a long name,I know :p
Anyways. I decided to buy Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey because the design is Beautiful and most people said it's very comfortable.
Well, i bought it at an OnlineShop in my country Brunei :) ofcourse -.-
The main point, when i first wore it, I had a lil problem putting it in into my right eye? It doesn't wanna stick, but after washing it with the solution for a few times, it went in and it was comfortable but I don't know why it sort of hurts, the feeling is like when you didn't blink your eyes for like 30 seconds perhaps? P/S; i didn't soak it for 6 hours, i just wore it straight away,but i think it's better to soak it for 6 hours to prevent any problems. Well, if you want A CUTE DOLLY LOOK i recommend you to get these because it's big and it's not that 'bright' like you see in pictures of the models. But if you want a scary and sexy look I think you should get something else than Princess Mimi Sesame Grey :)
Overall :)
Color: 8/10
Design: 8/10
Comfort : 7/10
Enlargement : 10/10
Here are some pictures from Google since I'm too shy to post pictures of myself. *smiles*

Credits: Here and Here ©

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cuteness :)
| 9:55 PM | 0 gossip
Hello :) I'm currently playing with some website where you can create your own cupcake and you can post it in your blog :) HEHE. 
 i'll show you some pictures below :)

Create doll makers and dress up dolls with dollmakerscript.com

Torrents :3
| 8:21 PM | 0 gossip
Hello :) good afternoon. HEHEHE.
Anyways, im downloading torrents of City Hunter and Heartstrings :3 incase you dont know what are those, both of it are Korean Dramas :) I will post some pictures of the dramas when i end this post. Anyways, My Torrents are not moving at all. HAHAHA. Its my first time actually, and it's not even moving :p i have no idea about these downloads things. Will ask Ivy later. HAHA :p OHHHH!! My Heartstrings Download Moved 0:) HEHEHE. Its now 0.1% HAHAHA :p
I'll end this post for now :)

The Albums I want so Badly T.T
| 5:12 AM | 0 gossip
1. U-Kiss Breaktime 4th Mini Album
2. U-Kiss Bran New Kiss 5th Mini Album
3. U-Kiss 2nd Album Neverland
4. U-Kiss LATEST ALBUM ---> U-Kiss Japanese Album Tick Tack

U-Kiss Tick Tack Album is like BND$50+ T.T
Have to save money :( SERIOUSLY.
Okay bye :3 HEHEHE.